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  • Monday Classes – Clay & Soul

    Allow yourself to enjoy all the qualities of the clay, connect all your senses with your creative side. Bring projects that inspire you, or let our instructors to guide…

    Term Classes | Pottery | Adults | Monday

  • Tuesday Classes – Kitchen Lovers

    If you love to cook or need to add some hand made pieces in your kitchen, this is the right class for you. We focus on Functional pieces, learn…

    Term Classes | Pottery | Adults | Tuesday

  • Wednesday Classes – Exploring Function & Design

    This class is perfect if you love to design your own sets of mugs, bowls, plates. From hand-building to wheel throwing and altering. You will work with shapes, sizes,…

    Term Classes | Pottery | Adults | Wednesday

  • Thursday Classes – Creative With Clay

    Explore the endless possibilities with clay. From functional pieces to wall pieces and sculptural work. You will learn wheel throwing, hand-building, and surface techniques. Bring your own ideas or…

    Term Classes | Pottery | Adults | Thursday

  • Friday Classes – The World of Clay

    Come enjoy an 10-week course that will take you through all the basics to begin exploring the world of pottery. We will learn to use the wheel, explore hand-made…

    Term Classes | Pottery | Adults | Friday