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  • Monday Classes – Clay & Soul

    Allow yourself to enjoy all the qualities of the clay, connect all your senses with your creative side. Bring projects that inspire you, or let our instructors to guide…

    Term Classes | Pottery | Adults | Monday

  • Pastel Dynamics Mondays

    We will learn how to draw still life, floral, landscape, birds, figures, etc. subjects with pastels. We will also learn to create textures, reflective surfaces, and atmospheric effects with…

    Term Classes | Drawing | Painting | Adults | Monday

    Mondays, 2-3:30pm

  • Parent & Child (10 & up) Wheel Throwing & Sculpting

    Come and share the experience of being creative learning pottery as Parent and Child together! You will both will have fun learning the basic throwing and hand-building skills, and…

    Term Classes | Pottery | Sculpting | Parent & Child | Monday