Illustration and Design (ages 9+)

Term Classes | Drawing | Painting | Mixed Media | Kids | Youth | Teens | Tuesday

Tuesdays, 6-7:30pm



Materials: sketchbooks, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, coloured pencils, watercolour paper
(big sheets are better and could just be cut down), paint brushes, watercolours, black pens,
markers, rulers.

This class reviews important core skills of drawing and applies them to creativity and
storytelling. In this course, students will learn fundamentals such as figure drawing, colour
theory, and perspective and use these skills to construct their own posters, characters, and
worlds. Students will practice together before going on to create their own original works. The
teacher will work alongside individual students to build brainstorming, sketching, and critiquing
skills as they move towards a finished piece. Some previous drawing experience is
recommended but not required.

● Light, Shadow, Shading, basic still life overview
● Gesture Drawing (blockman, tapered box). illustrate a dance or fight sequence, 8 heads
high, basic anatomy and proportion.
● Hands and feet
● Basic facial features and emotions
● Exaggeration in characters: body shape and faces. Genre swapping characters
● Colour theory and schemes. Elements and Principles of Design
● Landscape/setting: 1 and 2 point perspective
● Croquis, fashion, and wardrobe design
● Storyboarding
● Typography and illustrating words
● Animal illustration
● Caricatures


Runs Tuesdays

Fall Term
Oct 12 – Nov 30
8 weeks

Winter 2022
Feb – Apr
10 weeks

Spring 2022
Apr  – Jun
10 weeks

Summer 2022
Jul  – Sept
10 weeks

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Fall 2021 (Oct-Dec) 8 weeks, Fall 2021 (Sept-Dec) 10 weeks, Winter 2022 (Feb-Apr) 10 weeks, Spring 2022 (Apr-Jun) 10 weeks