Introduction to Color Theory – Oil Paint

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An 8-week course to explore one of the most fundamental areas of painting to help you understand the relationship between colours and how we perceive them.

Who this is for:

Beginner Oil Painters who want to make intelligent decisions when thinking about what colours to use in their artwork.

What you will Learn:

• What is Colour Theory?
• Brief history of Colour Theory
• What is Colour?
• Additive
• Subtractive
• The 12-part Colour Wheel
• The three aspects of Colour
• Hues
• Values
▪ Tints
▪ Shades
▪ Tones
• Chroma
• Colour Temperature
• Translucence vs. Opacity
• Colour Harmony, Contrasts & Effects
• Colour Mixing
• Tinting strength of colours
• Form and colour
• Spatial effects of colours
• Composition: the use of colour in creating compelling compositions/statements
• Analysis of the use of colour in master paintings
• Create color harmony (monochromatic, analogous, complementary, split complementary, and
triadic) in your own 12-part colour wheel
• Use of the palette knife to mix oils

How This Course Will Benefit You:

Colour plays a vitally important role in the world in which we live. Colour can sway thinking, change
actions, and cause reactions. It can irritate or soothe your eyes, raise your blood pressure or suppress
your appetite. … As a powerful form of communication, colour is irreplaceable. At the end of this course,
you will have greater confidence in how you approach your compositions, so that you convey the proper

Materials *NOT included in the cost of the course; students are encouraged to purchase materials on their own. The instructor can help with where to buy, etc.
• 2 Luca Palette Knives (or other flexible, durable trowel-like knives)
• Neutral grey disposable palette book
• Box of Kleenex
• Odorless professional artists’ solvent
• 12 – Conda Canvas Boards 8” x 10”
• 1 – No. 2 Artists’ quality Filbert brush
• 1 – No. 4 Artists’ quality Filbert brush
• Starter Oil Paint Set/Individual Colours:
o Titanium White
o Yellow Lake
o Ultramarine Blue
o Yellow Ochre Deep
o Burnt Umber
o Scarlet Lake
• Bar soap for cleaning brushes


Runs Thursdays

Fall 2021
Oct 12  – Nov 30
8 weeks


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Fall 2021 (Sept-Dec) 10 weeks