Jesmonite Workshop Apr 30

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Sunday, Apr 30, 10-11:30am


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If you love working with resin and ceramics, Jesmonite is the next thing you need to try!

Join us for this exciting hands-on beginner’s workshop as we’ll guide you through the process of using molds with Jesmonite from start to finish.

What is Jesmonite?

Jesmonite (also known in the art industry as Terrazzo or Aqua Resin) is a water-based composite material that is super safe to use and contains no solvents or VOCs. It looks like a ceramic material once cured and the curing time is very quick so you will be able to unmold and take your pieces home that same day!

In this workshop you will design and create a 2-3 Jesmonite pieces using the molds that we supply. Number of completed pieces may vary a bit based on the size of mold you choose to use. Available molds range from trinket dishes, trays, small planters, coasters, jewelry pieces and so much more!

All materials will be provided to you in this workshop, including the Jesmonite, a large selection of pigment pastes for colour selection, embellishment items such as stones, gems, shells and dried flowers, as well as all necessary safety gear and aprons. The instructor will demonstrate unique pattern techniques, as well as how to measure and mix the
Jesmonite and pigments.

This class is designed for beginners and will provide step by step instructions and ample time to complete your projects.

This workshop is great for families and is appropriate for children ages 10 and older.

Duration: 2.5hrs