Summer Pottery and Art Camps 2023

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Mon-Fri 9am-4pm


8am to 9am.

4pm to 5pm.

Camp starts at 9am-4pm unless specified otherwise due to the field trip. We take kids from 5 years and up, unless specified.
Our group size is 15 per group, we have 2 groups with one teacher and one volunteer per group.
You can sign up for before care from 8-9 or after care from 4-5 any day of the week.
Kids will spend time outside every day. Wednesdays are our field trip.
On Fridays, we spend our lunch time at Memorial Park. Please bring a swimsuit and a towel for the splash pad.
Please bring a nut free lunch, 2 snacks, water, hat and sunscreen
**This is an electronic free camp:  please ask your child to leave their devices at home. In case you need to contact us please call 905 220 8374.
* We are happy to include all the kids, but because this is not a Special Needs camp with trained teachers for special needs, we ask you if you have a Special Needs child to provide a helper to come with your child every day to the camp. We have small groups, 15 kids max but we need our teachers and volunteers available for all the kids.
Please let us know if your child has any medical conditions and how we can help.
Please note, the field trip cost varies, depending on the field trip. The cost is only to cover the bus ride and field trip, there is no added cost.


Week 1:  July 03-07  – Happy Summer!
Field Trip= $33 Kelso
Our first week of our summer camp is all about sunshine and good time!
We will remember all the happy summer memories and use that to inspire us with our work!
We will remember and imagine our summer trips, camping, cottages, fishing, swimming, beaches, campfires, hikes, canoeing … A full week of fun memories and creative projects.
We will go to Kelso conservation area for our field trip, get ready for a hike, swim in the lake and ice cream !
The bus leaves at 9am, pick up time is 4pm
Week 2: July 10-14 – Pirates!
Field trip = $47 Pirate Play at Bay front park in Hamilton
Our pirate week is filled with adventure and imagination!
We will go back in time and become pirates for a week, get inspired by their ships, history, and lives to make beautiful art work.
To have a more special week, we are going to watch a pirate play inside a pirate ship at the Bay Front park in Hamilton! Get your pirates ready for a great day!
Bus will leave at 9 and we will be back at 4pm.
Week 3: July 17-21 – Outdoor Adventure  
Field trip: tree top trekking at Binbrook conservation area $50
This is our outdoor explore week! Get inspired by the great outdoors and all the fun things we can do! Hiking, biking, swimming, climbing, and so much more!
We will have fun bringing the outdoors to our projects and remembering all the beautiful places and sunsets !
To make this week even better we are going to the tree top trekking at Binbrook conservation area. Don’t forget to bring a swimsuit and a towel.
The bus will leave at 9 and pick up time is at 4pm.
Week 4: July 24-28 – Back to the 1800’s Victorian time!
Field trip:  Dundurn Castle $33
The 1800’s was a rich time with so many inventions, very talented artists, beautiful fashion, wars, political and social changes with so many discoveries!
This week we will take a trip to the past! Visit the work from Vincent Van Gogh, get inspired by the architecture and great inventions from 1800 to produce our beautiful work.
Our field trip will be at Dundurn Castle. The castle was built in the 1830’s.
The kids will tour the castle and experience a life as a servant in the castle, making cookies and touring the gardens
The bus leaves at 9, pick up time is at 4pm
Week 5: Sunshine and water! Explore folk art from South America!
Field trip – Kelso conservation area $33
Take a trip to South America! Get inspired by the landscape, the ocean, the rainforest, the vibrant colours, the music, the food and the amazing culture!
From textiles, to paintings and pottery. We will explore different techniques and media , look at different artists and their work.
We are going to Kelso Park for our field trip to enjoy the sunshine and water! Don’t forget your swimsuit and hiking shoes!
Week 6 (short week): Design and build!
$240 Aug 8-11
Field trip: Kelso $33
The kids will learn to brainstorm ideas individually, and as a group to build their 3D projects. Lots of imagination and problem solving to make their exciting ideas come to life! From 2D to 3D!
From character design to building a village! it all goes!
This week the field trip is at Kelso conservation park. Come ready for a hike, a swim and an ice cream to remember how good it feels to enjoy the summer!
Week 7: Aug 14-18 – Narnia – Imagination and Fantasy! 
Field trip: Shaw festival in Niagara on the lake to watch a play: Prince Caspian $50
This is a week of pure imagination! We will dive into a fantasy world with talking animals and mythical beings that will inspire us to create beautiful art!
We are excited to take our campers on an amazing journey to Prince Caspian play at Niagara on the lake. The bus will leave at 9am and the pick up time is 5:30 (NOT 4pm).
This week is designed for 7 years and up.
“Even ordinary children can sometimes manage extraordinary things” Prince Caspian
Week 8: Aug 21 – 25 – Lets go to the Safari!!
Field trip: African lion Safari $48
Our Safari week will explore African arts and animals! Learn how to draw your favourite animal! And let your imagination go building 3D African models with animals, water, trees…
We will go to the African Lion Safari for our field trip. Will take the kids to the safari tour bus and enjoy getting wet at the splash pad. Don’t forget your swimsuit and towel!
Week 9: Aug 28-Sept 01
Field trip – Kelso conservation area – $33
This week we will explore different techniques and approaches to art making. We will look at different artists to inspire us!
Exploring different techniques and looking at different work will give us the opportunity to find our own language. Kids will be looking at abstract art, cubism, realism, learn about colour, volume, symmetry, aesthetics, sculptures and more.
We close our summer with one last swim in the lake! Our field trip is at Kelso park, please bring hiking shoes and swimsuits 

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Camp Week

Week 1: Jul 3-7, Week 2: Jul 10-14, Week 3: Jul 17-21, Week 4: Jul 24-28, Week 5: Jul 31-Aug 4, Week 6: Aug 8-11, Week 7: Aug 14-18, Week 8: Aug 21-25, Week 9: Aug 28-Sept 1