Watercolor Impressions

Term Classes | Painting | Adults | Thursday

Thursdays, 1:30-3:30pm



We will learn how to paint still life, floral, landscape , birds , figures etc. subjects with confidence. Few classes include how to prepare a value sketch, effective drawing for watercolour. We will also learn imaginative textures, glazing, and creating reflective surfaces with focus on loose watercolours, wet on wet, dry brush effect, pen-wash and other techniques. Suitable for beginner-intermediate level. 

Group and individual instructions will be provided to students.

*Students provide their own materials:

Paints: Artist quality watercolor paints and papers are preferred for better results. There’s no
need to run out and buy all new paints if you have a good assortment already. Many
brands/colors are very similar so we can substitute. Bring what you have. You may decide to
add new colors as we go along.
Here’s the palette that I use most often:
Lemon Yellow, Gamboge (hue) Or Deep yellow, Yellow Ochre Or Raw Sienna , Crimson Lake,
Vermilion (hue), Portrait pink, Coeruleum (hue), Cobalt Or Ultramarine, Violet,
Burnt Sienna, Sap Green, Prussian blue)

My palette consists of a warm and cool of each primary (red, blue, yellow), a couple of
neutrals (Yellow Ochre, Burnt sienna) and a dark(Prussian blue). A couple of commonly used
secondary colors are helpful (ie greens for landscapes)
• 140lb cold press paper 9x 12 (Arches or Fabriano artistico for example) – plus extra paper
for testing colors and practice ( Canson Or Strathmore watercolor paper is good for value
study, testing and practice)
• Lightweight sturdy board approx. or a size slightly larger than you wish to work to tape your
paper onto
• Plastic watercolor palette with large area(s) for mixing color
• Regular (beige) 3M masking tape – green and blue painters’ tape won’t hold as well when
• Paper Towels
• Old hand towel
• 2 Water containers
• Small sketchbook
• Ruler
• Brushes – rounds (# 6 #20 & #24 for example), filbert brush#20, #6 and1”-2” flat wash
• Black Sharpie pen
• Spray bottle
• HB pencil or 2B and sharpener
•White gouache(fine line and final touches)


Runs Thursdays – TOP FLOOR

Winter Term 2022
Jan 10 – March 21
(no class March Break)
10 weeks

Spring Term 2022
Apr 19 – Jun 27
10 weeks

Summer Term 2022
Jul 4 – Sept 12
(no class Labour Day)
10 weeks

Fall Term 2022
Sept 19 – Nov 28
(no class Thanksgiving)

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Spring 2022 (Apr-Jun) 8 weeks, Fall 2022 (Sept-Nov) 8 weeks