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  • Kids Watercolor Class

    This class introduces young artists to the awesome world of watercolour! We’ll take the students on a fun ride through some of the key skills and techniques used to…

    Term Classes | Painting | Kids | Wednesday

    Wednesdays, 4:30-6pm

  • Landscape Painting

    During these classes you will learn how to work with shape, value, and color relationships in order to create an interesting landscape composition, as well as how to mix…

    Term Classes | Painting | Adults | Wednesday

    Wednesdays, 10am-12pm

  • Wednesday Classes – Exploring Function & Design

    This class is perfect if you love to design your own sets of mugs, bowls, plates. From hand-building to wheel throwing and altering. You will work with shapes, sizes,…

    Term Classes | Pottery | Adults | Wednesday

  • Watercolor Impressions

    We will learn how to paint still life, floral, landscape , birds , figures etc. subjects with confidence. Few classes include how to prepare a value sketch, effective drawing…

    Term Classes | Painting | Adults | Wednesday

    Wednesdays, 2-4pm

  • Christmas Break Camp

    Join us for an early Christmas holiday celebration! We will make lots of Christmas gifts, ornaments, watch Christmas movies, eat popcorn, and have some outdoor fun! Bring 2 snacks,…

    Camps | Seasonal Camps | Pottery | Mixed Media | Kids | Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday

    Dec 20 - 23, 9am-4pm

  • Have Fun With Clay (ages 5 to 9)

    We love our Kids’ Classes! If your child loves to build and have a big imagination, this is the right class for them! The kids will have fun with…

    Term Classes | Pottery | Kids | Wednesday